10 Reasons why you must advertise on Google

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10 Reasons why you must advertise on Google:

Founded in 1998 by Larry Page & Sergey Brin, Google is Worlds Favorite Search Engine Site.

1) Dominant Search Engine:
With more than 1 Billion web pages indexed in Google, The User gets the desire results for the Keyword search for. Hence this contributes more than 65% of market share in US itself.

2) High Conversion Rate:
Google is used by Users for many reasons and one of them is also for taking Suggestions, Checking Reviews and Looking for Discount Coupons. When these keywords are searched for there is a higher chances of purchase to be done because the Buyer is in the last stage of his research and Marketing Team should make the right use of it and execute the Keyword Campaign on Goolgle in Paid Version. Once the User clicks on your Ad there are higher chances of it getting converted.

3) Retargeting & Tracking User:
With Google Analytics the Advertisers can track the performance of each and every Keyword. The Flow of Traffic and the source of Traffic. This will give a wider pictorial view to Advertiser and also help them to save a lot of time and money. Apart from that there is a robust Retargeting possible on Google which can also be extended to Affiliate sites of Google as well as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. With this there is a massive Remarketing possibility, which can be done to user for a consistence period of time.

4) No Landing Page Required:
With advancements and up gradation google has eliminated the need of any further Landing pages. Google now directly can take leads and have a direct Call Now CTA which user can use It to make the decisions. This Features used by any user has the Highest Conversion Rate.

5) Budget for all Businesses to Scale:
The best part in Google Ads is you can set your budget as per your needs and accordingly set targets for the complete day. This is ideal for Small business clients who has got limited budgets and also wants to target a small area.

6) Voice Search Based Ads: Google supports Voice Searchs and that is the Future of Advertisements. If your Ads are Voice Search Friendly then Congo you are one step forward than your competitors and will get much better results. Countries like India where there is a Huge penetration of Internet and Smart Phone Devices, Small tier city users use Google Via Voice search in their local languages. Google gives them the search results accordingly and your Ads can come in Top. E Commerce segment brands can expect more sales conversions through this Ads based Results.

7) Vernacular Search Based Ads: As the market is expanding so is the User base and the searches in the local languages also increases. Google gives you the flexibility to release your ads on Local languages to target the User and get more conversions. This is the Next boom in Search based Ads and Google is already in the Race.

8) Customization of Ads: Google has been doing a lot of Experimentation in terms of making the Ads more Interactive and engaging for Users and one of the app what is used in the best way is the Google Maps. Where in there can be a lot of Changes made to the Car, Bike, Male and Female (Walk Option) logo/Icon with your brand Icon.
For Instance : In India a Movie Name Thug of Hindustan was released and the same was promoted in Google Via a Horse Rider instead of the Car. These Customization of Ads is possible in Google on certain platforms which gives a significant Brand recall to the users.

9) Sponsored Gmail Ads: Google has been running Sponsor mail ads since long time and it is available on Gmail. It is a great platform and there are millions of Users on Gmail and also active on a daily basis. Sponsor Mail ads in Gmail is something which will give users a great Mileage as it also host CTA option which can direct the user to your Landing page.

10) Engaging Mobile Connectivity: With Browser Chrome, Google Maps, Gmail, Youtube, Video Calling all in Apps available on Phone, Google is the best bet for Advertising as it is tracking its Users Behavior consistently. Which makes the Advertiser to rely on Google and choose the right Target audience for their Ads. Also not to Forget Google has a lot of third party website where it screens your Display ads and this way it is the best platform for Remarketing as well and it is Mobile Friendly too.

Bonus: Organic Traffic is not Dead in Google.
The Good part is in Google the Organic traffic is not dead. Though they keep changing the algorithm as per data analysis on search results there is still a lot of scope of having your Page Ranking on 1st Page provided if you write Good quality content rather than duplicating with other sites.
This will give a good Page Rank and also will help you save cost when you release an Ad on Google.

Conclusion: Google Marketing is for all those Advertiser whose products are in demand of ASK in the Web Platform, which means to User takes reviews, Coupons, Demo and many other information for which there is a Answer in Websites.

About the Author: Praveen K Agarwal, An Event Manager Cum Franchise Owner Cum Social Marketing Expert has more than 15 years of Experience in Customer Service, Marketing & Sales and Business Operations. He is called as Guru in Lead Generation in both Online and Offline Activations. However not priding himself, He helps Marketing Managers, Sales Managers and Business Owners to get leads on a daily basis to grow their business.

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