10 Reasons why you must advertise on Tiktok

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10 Reasons why you must advertise on Tiktok:

A Video Sharing Social Networking App owned by ByteDance, A Beijing based Company founded in 2012 by Zhang Yiming.

1) Insane Audience:
Tiktok is one of the most successful App and has got more than 500 million users in its belly. Its almost equal to Instagram. There is a Huge opportunity for Advertisers to Engage their Brands with this young users but with a Creative Video Angle.

2) Limited Demographics Which is Good:
Tiktok has a very specific User profile which gives clarity of what brands can promote. Let us take a Dig on the same : Tiktok has a major age group in between 16 to 24 Years old. Out of which it has 44% Female and 56% Male. The Audience is increasing from India with a Addition of 43% overall and the best part is 90% use the App Daily. So Advertiser you gotta be here Daily.

3) Multi Engagement Opportunity:
The report says that the Users spends almost 4% of the Entire day in Tiktok which means approximately 57.6 Minutes by signing up multiple times. With this Advertisers can have a great opportunity to remarket their brands multiple times in a day.

4) Multiple CTA:
Tiktok Offers you to increase your Traffic, Get more App Downloads and also to Generate Leads on its Platform. Hence it is competitive and yet a Result Oriented based on your Advertising Objective.

5) Budget for all Businesses to Scale:
Tiktok is new in Advertising segment hence it is also offering a Gift Coupon of Upto 285$ which an Advertiser can use it with a minimum guaranteed budget set up of 285$(In India). This gives the Advertiser a Kick to start their First Campaign on Tiktok and experience the whole new Video Social Networking App.

6) User Friendly Ad Setup Process: Setting up an Ad in Tiktok is very User Friendly. The detailed step by step configuration will allow you to initiate the campaign on the go in few minutes.

7) Category Selection while Placements: Tiktok allows you to differentiate your product or services based on different categories such as App Installs, Automotives, Luxury Goods, Education & Training, Finance and Insurance, Food and Drinks. This is something best in Tiktok as it will show your ads only to those users who are interested in the respective category or falls under the same category of interest. One of the best feature in Tiktok.

8) Tracking Via Pixels: Tik tok has got the Pixels well planned which allows an Advertiser to monitor the User behaviours and Re Target their ads to them accordingly.

9) Create your Awesome Custom Audience: If you are a Brand or an Advertiser the easiest way to connect with your Customers is to create your own Custom Audience Via your Tiktok Page. Once you have the same you can go to Ad Campaign and create a looklike Audience and scale up accordingly. Hence this is Cost Effective and more result oriented.

10) Only on Mobile: Tiktok is only a Mobile based Video Social Networking App and that is the good part of it. Your audience is now on Mobile and you can target them directly without creating any Multi Device Ad format.

Bonus: Tiktok is Here to Stay and Videos are the most engaging format of Content. When you have both under one roof. Do not think twice to use it. As said before Advertisers need to create their Digital Bank Balance and Tiktok just started with Advertisements hence the doors are open to you to grab your audience quickly before your competitors does.

Conclusion: Tiktok Marketing is going to be the next most consumed by Brands. The best part is it is segmented to a specific Demographics and that open doors to limited Brands to come and rule. However as the user base will increase the relevant brands can penetrate themselves accordingly.

About the Author: Praveen K Agarwal, An Event Manager Cum Franchise Owner Cum Social Marketing Expert has more than 15 years of Experience in Customer Service, Marketing & Sales and Business Operations. He is called as Guru in Lead Generation in both Online and Offline Activations. However not priding himself, He helps Marketing Managers, Sales Managers and Business Owners to get leads on a daily basis to grow their business.

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