10 Reasons Why you must advertise on facebook

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10 Reasons why you must advertise your Brand on Facebook:

1) Biggest Social Network Worldwide:
As per the latest Data of Q4 2019, There are 2.5 Billion monthly active users on Facebook. This makes Facebook the biggest Social Network Worldwide. Countries namely USA, India & Indonesia have First Rank for Facebook.

2) All Age Audience is Available on Facebook:
Founded in 2004, by Mark Zuckerberg Facebook was initially available to the students of Harvard University and later expanded to global users who are aged 13 years and above. Which means Facebook has a User Audience, which is starting from Age as early as 13 years till 65+. Here you have a great opportunity to showcase or promote your product to the relevant Age group, as you think are your most prospect customers.

3) Facebook Ads can be budgeted as per your plan.
Facebook offer you to spend as much you can and there are no restrictions on any fixed or minimum ad spent. This makes the advertiser easy and comfortable with Pockets. However Advertiser needs to understand the Higher they spend the more reach can be achieved in a stipulated time period.

4) Multi Options of Ad Campaign.
Facebook gives you a plate full of option on how to target your audience in different formats like bringing the traffic to your Website or Generating leads from Facebook directly or just creating a reach campaign of your product on its Social Networking Site. Since the Advertiser needs to set the ad as per their Objective and Call to action can be implemented accordingly.

5) Retargeting: The most important and crucial element to any Ad Campaign is to do Brand Recall which Facebook gives you a Flexibility to do so. With a Retargeting of Campaign to the Users who are more likely interested in your product there is a higher chances of Conversion as per the objective planned by the advertiser. Here Facebook Pixel is like a blessings

6) Multi Content Format : Facebook Offers you the Flexibility to Upload the Content on Various Formats Such as Jpeg, Gif, Video which makes a advertiser easier to gain the interest of the Users. As per the current trend Video Formats are being preferred the most by the Advertiser as it pulls the attention of Users and there is more chances of brand recall.

7) Choose your Custom Button : Facebook also gives you an opportunity to define your call to action. It can be any of the below format Book Now, Call Now, Download Now, Learn More, Sign Up, Get Offer & Subscribe. This gives the user a clarity while making a decision.

8) You can Organically grow your Facebook Page Likes : When you promote your Campaign on Facebook, It gives an option to Invite all the engaged users who like your campaign to Like your page as well. This invitation can be send manually to those users but it is a great option where advertiser can get dual benefit from a Single Ad Campaign.

9) Easy Set up: Facebook has programmed its Ad Campaign in such a user-friendly way that an Individual can do it all by themselves without taking any help of a Agency or Advertiser. This however increases the sales of Facebook in the other way but at the same time it is a blessing for small business owners to promote their product on Facebook.

10) Facebook Ads are Information Provider+ : Few Ads on Facebook Works like magic for different categories such as If you are an Event Organizers and like some Artist, Facebook promote your event to those respective audience to purchase your event tickets, In the same way if you are a Marketing / Business Owners / Sales Manager for some company and you would like to be a part of that event as a Sponsor / Partner Facebook can be used in the Right away to generate the leads for the same which is Rather difficult to do in Google where a user comes to search for a specific requirements and can be targeted on the Basis of Keyword Search.

Bonus: Lookalike Audience : Facebook gives you a great option where you can create your lookalike audience while you create your ad campaign. Lookalike audience can be created after an initial execution of campaign for a minimum of 7 Days and achieving a minimum set of goal. With this we understand the type of Customer who are interested in the respective product and based on their Demography, Behaviour and Interst Facebook algorithm start looking for similar Audience and shares your Ads to them. With this the Advertisers not only saves a lot of money on Ad Campaign but also gets a High Quality of Interested Customers.

Conclusion: Digital Advertisement is the Need of the day. If you are not on Digital Platform your Brand will be dead in next 10 years. Considering this Brands should and must start investing in Digital Marketing Via various Social Media platforms and create their User database which is not less than any Digital Bank Account in short the more you got users or database the more you got Money.

About the Author: Praveen K Agarwal, An Event Manager Cum Franchise Owner Cum Social Marketing Expert has more than 15 years of Experience in Customer Service, Marketing&Sales and Business Operations. He is a Guru in Lead Generation and prides himself in helping Marketing Managers, Sales Managers and Business Owners to get leads on a daily basis to grow their business.

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