10 reasons why you must advertise on Instagram

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10 Reasons why you must advertise on Instagram:

Created in 2010, by Kevin Systrom & Mike Krieger as a Photo & Video Sharing App, was acquired by Facebook in 2012 for US $1 Billion.

1) Largest Userbase in Photo Sharing App:
More than 1 Billion Users are registered in Instagram making the Largest in its Category. The good part is 64% of them are Women and 36% of them are Male. Hence, Advertisers / Business Owners if your Target Audience is more of Women Insta is your Cup in Social Media Platform.

2) Huge Active Users on a Daily Basis:
As per the Sources there are more than 500 Million users who are active on Instagram on a daily basis. This Numbers are enough for any Business to promote their products on Instagram. The only thing they need to ensure is to use the Right strategies.

3) Possibility of Doing Business from Instagram:
Instagram has been upgrading itself and the good news is now the Businesses can come up with Shoppable Posts where they can Tag their products on the photo and give a link to Shop Now. This is a Instant Call to Action Activation where the user will end up buying the product if the Ad creates an Excitement.

4) Connect with Users Via Stories – After all they are Humans:
When we Say Creativity play a Vital role when marketing & branding your product, Then Insta Stories play an Immense place to promote your story. The More you connect with User there are higher chances to convert for your product. As said Emotional Connect is required in today rapid changing Culture and the Users are Human and have got a Sweet heart who makes decisions as well.

5) Place for all Businesses to Scale:
Instagram is an Amazing Platform and it has a place and budget friendly for all Business to scale up. Let that be a Brand Such as Nike, Adidas or a Fashion Designer from the Corner of the Street. With the Right Geo Fencing and Pocket Friendly Budget planning any business can grow and scale up to the next level. The Key to the success is Consistency and Regular post of Content with Relevant Keywords Hashtags.

6) Promote Via Influencers: Instagram is one of those place where you can promote your Brands & Products Via Influencers. (Influencers are those who are being followed by a lot of Users for their Niche such as Actors, Sports, Artist, Coach & others) The more they have a Fan following the more there Is a scope of reaching your product to their Audience. True Fans gets motivated with the Advertisements and mostly end up buying the same. The pricing to be paid to these influencers depends on their Activeness and also the numbers of Followers they have got.

7) Its on Mobile: Unlike Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin & Google. Insta is available on Mobile Phones making it more handy and accessible at any given point of time. With this the number of visits Users makes in a Day is much higher comparative to Desktop which give more opportunity for Advertisers to target, retarget & promote their brands.

8) Creativity Wins: Insta is for Millenials, And they are the smartest in population on Earth, which means the Advertisers need to be more creative than they expect their users to be and must engage them as much as they can by organizing Contents, Use Right Emojis, Taking Reviews, Play with AR – VR campaigns and more. The More creative you are the more your brand is recognized. Its as simple as that.

9) User Friendly Ad Set up: Instagram has two Versions:
1) Personal
2) Creator or Professional.
Business / Brand / Artisit / Individual use the No 2 to promote their Brand, The reason is it allows them to Pay and promote more faster than Organic way which is in No 1.
It is very user friendly and can get you 1000s of followers when you decide to swipe up your Credit Card on Insta.

10) Dual Connectivity: Instagram is a part of Facebook and the good part is the moment you make a post on Instagram it will also be shown on Facebook if your account is linked internally. This save time and also reach twice to the audience on two different platform.

Bonus: 3 Golden Rules
1) Make a Complete Week plan of What to post each day.
2) Get your Content Ready and Edit it in the best possible way
3) Use Right #s. The most important thing but ignored the most as well. Do not clutter it, So kindly restrict your #s to 5 Nos for each post.

See the Magic and comment me below.

Conclusion: Instagram Marketing is for Masses. If you want to target the specific Age Group and Gender then Instagram will work for you like Magic. Digital Marketing Strategies has got a lot of proven results and with a combination of Various Social Media platforms it is just Mindblogging for Brands to create their Assets on Social Platform.

About the Author: Praveen K Agarwal, An Event Manager Cum Franchise Owner Cum Social Marketing Expert has more than 15 years of Experience in Customer Service, Marketing & Sales and Business Operations. He is called as Guru in Lead Generation in both Online and Offline Activations. However not priding himself, He helps Marketing Managers, Sales Managers and Business Owners to get leads on a daily basis to grow their business.

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