10 reasons why you must advertise on Likedin

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10 Reasons why you must advertise on Linkedin:

Founded in 2002, by Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn is now a whole subsidiary of Microsoft since 2015.

1) Largest Professional Social Network:
As per the latest Data, There are more than 630 Million Professionals on LinkedIn. This makes LinkedIn the biggest Social Network Platform for Professional available in 150 + Countries. USA & India have 19 & 16 Rank respectively for LinkedIn.

2) Home for All types of Business Professionals:
Advertisers who wish to Cater their business to Specific Professionals by matching their User Persona can always Consider Linkedin as their First Choice. They get the Right MAN – Who got Money, Authority & Need for your Product & Services. No matter what your Product or Service is Linkedin is a great platform if your product caters to niche.

3) Acquisition Friendly:
Since Linkedin is Professional Networking Site, The Content shared on the platform is also relevant to the interest of the Users. This helps Brands to build their Content Strategy accordingly & acquire their prospects with Right Content. People Invest their time on Linkedin hence if your content is solving their professional problem then you gotta Deal.

4) Multi Options of Ad Campaign:
One of the Most Amazing Ad Format you can find on Linkedin is a Email Campaign (Also Known as Sponsored InMail). It’s a Paid Campaign wherein you can write about your services and also attached a presentation in PDF / Powerpoint / Jpeg Form to your Target Audience. Isn’t it Amazing? The Email will be right in the Inbox of the recipient as Sponsored InMail !!
Apart from Email Campaign, Linkedin also Offers Lead Generation, Directing traffic to your Landing Page, Engaging your audience via Video Views as well.
Linkedin Premium : If you are a professional and are looking to connect with the right audience to nurture your network then you can always upgrade your profile to a premium profile which gives you a limited option to Connect, Track your profile Visitors, Drop Inmails to the Members you want to connect with.
Plans are available as per the Need and you can choose the same accordingly. The Best part is you can do a Test & Run by Signing up for 1 Month Free.
Text Ads : Linkedin Also Offers Text Ads which is available on the Right Side bar as a News Feed with a Compelling Headline and Short description with various CTA option and a Small 50×50 Image support.
Dynamic Ads: This is something Catchy Linkedin has come up with the Member Profile Photo along with Company Name and Job title appears in the each ad and engages them to know more. Offcourse for each individual member the ad will appear with their profile details hence connecting One step near to create a personalize experience and excite them to click on the CTA like Follow us !!

5) Conversion Tracking:
Linkedin offers you great Insights of your ads. This helps an Advertiser to track the Behaviour of the User and create a campaign around the same. For Example How many Secs your Video was Viewed, How many Clicked the Lead form but didn’t fill the same and others. Right way of utilizing the campaign will give Cost Effective results and Higher conversions. You need to use Site-Wide Insight Tag to record all the actions taken by the members.

6) Multi Content Format: The Content of the Ad can be uploaded in the in Various Formats Such as Jpeg, Gif, Video & Infographics. A/B Testing can also be done by the Advertiser to see what works the best with the members and the same can be executed for better results.

7) Multi CTA Options: Linkedin Offers Multi Call to Action Options to the Advertisers which makes it easier for Member to select while making a decision Such as Sign up, Download, Install, Follow, Learn More,Get Started, Others

8) Target Audience Profile: The best part in Linkedin is you need to target your audience based on their Job Titles and Company they work for. For Example if you are a Insurance Agency your most Target Audience is a HR in the company and in the same way if you are a Software Provider you gotta Target the Operations Designated person. LinkedIn gives you great Flexibility to Select the respective Job Title along with the company size and location of the Ad Campaign which can be narrowed down to a particular City / State of any country. You

9) User Friendly Ad Set up: Linkedin has Ad Format in Two Categories mainly Job Posting & Advertisements.
1) Job Posting: If you are an Recruiter, then the good news is Linkedin has done the major home work for you. It has almost everything Auto Fill right from Job Roles, Responsibility and others. It should take only 5 Minutes maximum for you to post your job and take it live. After that here comes the second Best part – Linkedin shows you the profile of those Members who are relevant for your Job Opening and you can shot them a message spontaneously and the goodest things is the Message is also Auto Filled. Hence making the Life of an HR / Recruiter the Stressfree of all.
2) Advertisements : There are few steps which need to be followed but once done it in right way the campaign should get started within few hours after approvals. But on the whole User Friendly means it can be done by an Individual by themselves rather relying on any third party agency or Freelancer.

10) Grow Organically: Linkedin is Content Hungry and the more you invest your time and post a good quality content on Linkedin you got to be on the Top position for a relevant Search. Here there is a catch – Ensure your employees are also equally engaged in promoting the content on their Linkedin page which directly is visible to others who are connected to them. Linkedin Company pages comes on the Top results when anyone looks in Google and that is a good organic lead.

Bonus: Do Live Videos
As said before: Linkedin Loves Content and nothing is better than doing a Live Video and posting it with Right #s. The algorithm works this way First the Bot analysis your post and shares to a very limited members of Linkedin, as your content engages them then the reach expands and will also be forwarded to the HO of Linkedin where they analyses your content and title it as Trending accordingly. So guys Gear Up and Start posting a load of Content on Linkedin and make Live Videos as well.

Conclusion: Linkedin Marketing has transverse itself and is more cost Effective and result driven if executed in the right way. Any Professional who are looking for a 360 Degree Digital Marketing Campaign then Linkedin Marketing is a Must in the Circle. You have the Decision making Audience (MAN) who prefer Point to Point Content.

About the Author: Praveen K Agarwal, An Event Manager Cum Franchise Owner Cum Social Marketing Expert has more than 15 years of Experience in Customer Service, Marketing & Sales and Business Operations. He is called as Guru in Lead Generation in both Online and Offline Activations. However not priding himself, He helps Marketing Managers, Sales Managers and Business Owners to get leads on a daily basis to grow their business.

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