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This is give up all information about over shop. we sell serverl type of the olis and brikerts there detail are expine here Thank you somuch.



Hydralic olis is formulated form selected base olis.They incorporate oxidation inhibitors,anti- rust agednts, defoaments and anti wear additives to produce Quality Hydraulic olis.Its high oxidation stability gum and varnish deposition. Its excellent anti-rust property provides corrosion protection.

Unimach- 46/48

Unimach olis are formulated form highty refind quality base olis with tinherent oxidation and chemical stability.Multi fuactional ,cost effective and economical, Excellent natural lubricity,Good inherent oxidative and chemical stability.

M.G.20 W 40

This series represent a range of high performance hydraulic olis, formulated by using highly refined, top quality base stocks. cost saving than any ohter grade ,no sludge formation and varnish or other de-gradable compounds, good sealing at contact area.

Lubri cants 220

Its hight oxidation stability protects gum and varnish depositon. Its excellent anti-foam property provides corrosion protection . Its anti- foam property prevents problems of pump cavitations and erratic system operation,its anti wear propery protects pump and machine life.

gear olis 90/140

gear olis are blended from fine quality high viscosity index paraffinic base olis and extreme pressure sulphur,phosphous perfomance addities. They provide outstanding extreme peressure protection, when used in enclosed gearboxes.


Classic grease product developed after carefully observed tested on each macining operation and it specific requirenents. Each grade passed indian and international


90mm SAW-Dust

400-500 Degree Temperature as your Bolier Chapacity It is one of the best in all types

60 mm Gruntsd nut

it 4200-4600 Degree Temperature as your Bolier Capacity it is very usefull now as days.


The Nett barrel for oil and e180kg for Greas

For 50 kg.Packing TS 5.per ltr/Kg. Will be extra

For 20 ltr./18 kg. Packing Rs 10.00 per Ltr. Will be extra

Gst 18% will be Extra

For 10 ltr./9 Kg Packing Rs.12.00 per Ltr.Will be extra

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